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Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC)

This week our class was privileged to be invited into one of our city’s exclusive private girls school to see how the school has embraced and integrated technology into their learning. As someone who didn’t have calculators at school, and learnt how to touch type on a manual typewriter in high school, I was blown away with what the students at PLC are using in class! I was very impressed.

Throughout this unit it has been stressed technology is becoming more and more a part of education and as educators we need to be aware on what is out there and how we can integrate it into our lessons to ensure out students are kept up to date with the ever increasing amount of information available through technology.

From the visit to PLC I can see how valuable they believe technology is to the students learning, with students as young as Kindergarten age accessing iPod Touches and iPads. The following quote from PLC supports Mark’s pedagogy.

Educating for the world of today means that our students need to be confident and wise users of information and communication technologies, including computers and multi media. Information literacy is a critical skill for accessing and using the wealth of information now so readily available to all.

PLC is a 21st Century connected learning community, available anywhere anytime. The School incorporates an agile and innovative teaching and learning environment with contemporary information and learning technologies and an embedded skills curriculum.

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