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Constructing Knowledge……


Now we are getting into the more technical stuff!

Blogs……. time to talk about them since I have started one!

What is a blog? Very unusual name…………………..

The word blog is short for web log and as the name implies it is a form of diary or journal posted on the web. Unlike a pen and paper journal a web-based blog can easily have the content changed. If people are interested enough in your blog they can sign up as a follower and comment of your entries.

Allowing others to comment on your posts creates interaction between the publisher and reader. This platform is social constructivism in the working. Social constructivism is an extension of constructivism where people actively construct new knowledge and skills within the learning environment through the collaboration and sharing of knowledge between people in social environments such as blogs.

Earlier on in my blog I was talking about Web 2.0 and I mentioned that I agree with the use of blogs in the classroom as an effective web-based tool.

I particularly liked the example Mark showed us on how teachers can use blogs in the classroom. The example explained how the teacher photographed a toy in various locations and had the children write a story on the class blog on why the toy was there, etc. Another example using the toy was to have the children take the toy home and then share with the class on the blog what a wonderful time the toy had at their house! There are endless variations on this example we could use.

Examples of blogs in the classroom can be seen here on the WA Department of Education website An excellent site for teachers who need that help, like me!

Another site I found useful for teachers wanting to set up a class blog is Kid Blog and I have included a video showing how to use it.