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Welcome to my blog??????

Why have I put the question marks? The reason is because this is my second attempt at this. I tried to be different with my first effort however it indicated that in this technological world you can’t be different. How do I know this? The lack of comments from my posts. Therefore, this blog will be more like everyone elses.

Before I commence let me inform you why this blog has been produced.

I am required to do one as part of my Teaching and Learning with New Technologies unit at University. Before I go any further I would like to add that although I am not that keen on having to do this, my lecturer, Dr Mark Pegrum , is fantastic. He is articulate, has a great sense of humour, dresses really cool and is passionate about the subject he teaches, and this is reflected in his pedagogy.

Why don’t I want to do this? I am a non-technological person in a technological world and feel we shouldn’t be compelled to adopt these changes if we are not that way inclined. Although I believe I am intelligent enough to learn these new technologies I am still not a techno person.

There is also a cost in being made to change. For example, look at photography. I love using film, and I am sure there are many others that do, however film is becoming obsolete. Why? Digital photos are not any better! In fact, I have proof that photos taken with film are far superior to digital. We should have the choice.  The same for television. Why do we have to change to digital? What happens to all the televisions that are not digital, like mine, and still work? What a waste. I am being ‘made’  to purchase a digital television, or set-top box, when I shouldn’t have to. Becoming a digital world is wasteful and costly and reduces our choices.

Because I am delaying being a ‘sheep’ for as long as possible I have become the subject of jokes by those who know me and those I mention my anti-technology to. I am including some photos of my mobile phone (12 years old and with its original battery), my TV and VCR (yes, I still have and use one although you can no longer hire videos, again choice being denied) and my stereo (25 years old, cassette deck and turntable for vinyls which are far superior to CD’s). By the way I do not own a DVD player or a CD with any music on it. The radio is fine for me. I reluctantly purchased a microwave last year for my son to use while I was working evenings as he had no idea on how to use a real oven and hot plate despite many attempts to teach him. I refuse to use the microwave. 


Before I launch into this bloggy thing I would like to point out that my blog won’t be a flash as some of my fellow class members (their blogs can be accessed from my home page)  and especially won’t be like those who have written as though writing an essay. Some are very academic  in their writing style and way better than I could ever write! I read some in the first week and have been too ‘afraid’ to do so since for fear of my blog being way inferior……..

My writing, or the way I express myself orally, is not as educated ‘sounding’ as some and this has been pointed out to me numerous times. Sorry, too late to change this old dog!

Now you have read my stance on this ‘assignment’, and my views on technology in general, let me commence my reflections in my Purple Alien style and hopefully I won’t lose marks because of it!

By the way, hope you like my hello tags, found at Cheers 🙂