About Me

I am a [very] mature aged student enrolled in a Masters of Teaching (primary) course at The University of Western Australia.

This year, 2011, is my final year and on completion I hope to continue studies in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) to allow me the opportunity to combine overseas travel while teaching.

My previous qualifications consist of a Diploma in Photography (1981) and a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations & Marketing –  2003), however I find this course far more challenging!

As I am new to the blogging world I welcome any comments you may have on how I can improve my blog.

Finally, I chose to remain as anonymous as possible on my blog. In the real world I am quite an outgoing and social person, however I am not comfortable giving any personal details in the cyber world where there is the chance they may be used without my knowledge. My concerns may be due to me being a ‘baby boomer’ and a ‘digital immigrant’, however I do not apologise for that and trust you will understand.


Purple Alien 🙂

PS – Why Purple Alien? Purple is my favourite colour and Alien, because this is a whole new world to me……….



  1. Launched Said:

    Hi there

    First of all thank you for all your beautiful comments on my blog.

    I did not know that purple was your favourite colour but now on reflection you always do something or wear something that indicates that that is so. I remember purple hair once walking into the room!

    Um the reason you cannot view some of the domain free pictures which come from very ancient texts, is that there is nudity in them. The final one is of Venus and she is a beautiful marble naked statue to be found in the Museum of Rome. She promised Helen to Paris – naughty girl -on the condition that Paris agreed she was the most beautiful of all the goddesses. So your computer is keeping you safe.

    I will have to change that one! The other picture is of the ladies preparing themselves for bathing.

    Cannot remember where I got that glif from. But it sure was a fiddle getting it onto the blog. Will have to give it another go. As practice seems to make it easier.

    Storyybird is really easy. Just google it and off you go. However unless you want to do your own beautiful art you are limited to what is the site. I wanted a different type of picture (not so cute, more classy like the Duchess of Cambridge) but what I got in the end was a compromise after about 20 minutes of searching.

    I wanted my calendar to look like yours. But blogger is not nearly so classy WordPress and a lot of them come with advertisements.

    Catch you later


  2. Madison Said:

    Your blog looks great Cindy and I like that you mention that this course is more challenging than others you have previously undertaken. Why is that? Care to shed any light?

    Looking forward to reading your ideas and providing you with some feedback. So far blogging has certainly been an interesting, entertaining and informative experience for all of us!

    • Purple Alien Said:

      Thanks for the comment on the look of my blog.

      Every course I have undertaken has been challenging for me personally as I have a learning disability and the older I become the more difficult it is. If new learning for me is structured and has defined steps it poses no problem, however teaching is so subjective it is quite a difficult concept for me to grasp. I find each assignment quite difficult to do and they take me a considerable amount of time to complete and I am amazed when someone like yourself can do an assignment in such a short time and do a fantastic job. Because of my learning disability I struggle with each one, whereas when I studied Public Relations and Marketing it was much easier for me as it is more structured and objective.

      The other reason I find it challenging is the children. As a teacher we are responsible for so many children’s learning the challenge is knowing if I will be doing it right as I don’t want to be the reason for them not learning adequately and the comments on some of my assignments are so disheartening it makes me wonder if when I do teach I will know what to do and who is there to really help you? Yes, there are other teachers at the school, however once we are qualified we are expected to be in a classroom on our own with the students and that is the challenge! Although I am a mum and grandmother it is not the same.

      There are so many things that could go wrong in being a teacher that it is not like spelling a person’s name incorrectly in a press release or entering data incorrectly after doing a survey!

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