1. launched Said:

    Hey Cindy!
    I defintely did not plagiarise from your site!!!!. It is amazng that we both used the same video.

    I am so impressed with your comments You must be super woman. I really do not have time to think let alone write anything worth talking about. Also I admire your “balls” in stating your opinion. I have reached a stage where I have become a member of the silent majority (I think)! Except in class.

    Surely as you say most of us are instinctively thinking like you or have the youngsters become so brainwashed with clever marketing that they have no conception of their reality. Or is their reality a virtual reality?

    • Purple Alien Said:

      Hi Helena

      I never implied you did “plagiarise” from my site. I hadn’t checked anyones blogs since I did mine last Friday and when I checked yours I saw we had the same video, so we must be thinking alike!

      Thanks for your comments regarding my ‘balls’, lol!

      Yes, the younger generation is becoming brainwashed and sometimes think that the virtual world is the only world. My 18 year old son spends at least, and I am being conservative here, 10 hours a day on Runescape, Mount & Blade: Warband and Mindcraft plus others I have no idea what they are, and that is only the computer. He also plays games on Playstation and Xbox. I ask him why he doesn’t go and see his mates. His response is he is ‘communicating’ with them on Facebook, MSN, Playstation and plays with them online so there is no need to go and see them! That just shows he,and his mates, have no interest in the real world and in not hanging out in the real world, but only live in a virtual world.

      At least you and I, and others from the baby boomer era, can appreciate both the real world and the digital world for what they are. Furture generations may not have the choice. Like I said in my post, it is sad to think that is the way the modern world may be in years to come.

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