Award-winning teacher……

Erin Svean – Wirrabirra Primary School Teacher

We were privileged this week (was actually April 12th, but behind in my posts!) to be visited by a teacher who is very enthusiastic about her work and from what she told us, so are her students.

Erin showed us how all the tools we have been introduced to so far can be incorporated into all the learning areas and not just left exclusively for ICT lessons.

It was inspirational to learn she wasn’t a IT specialist but a teacher who embraces technology and loves to use it with her class and is always happy to help her colleagues who may have difficulty in this area.

She proves that teachers need to understand that as a teacher you aren’t wrapped in a cocoon and think you should only teach a subject you are comfortable with or teach only the one subject you have specialised in. Teachers need to demonstrate to their students that we are all learners and as teachers need to continually learn new ideas and embrace technology if they are to be effective in their pedagogy.

I believe Erin’s visit was a positive influence on us all, even to the anti-techno me!

Information regarding Erin’s work and her achievements can be found at the following links:


DT29260 School Matters Edition 9 24

DE29495 SM – Page 15



  1. 1000ships Said:

    I so agree with you. Erin’s enthusiasm did allow me to think I could perhaps mange this new world of children.

    But the cynic in me thinks that she is a digital native.

    Loved her enthusiasm.


    ps: What technology are you using to have such beautiful cartoons at the beginning of each posting? I would love to do that on my blog. Please let me know!

    • Purple Alien Said:

      Hi Helena

      Thanks for the comment. I agree Erin is a digital native, she is a lot younger than us!
      I attributed where the images at the beginning of each posting came from.
      They are from a social network site I am belong to

      Cheers 🙂

  2. Lexie Said:

    Hi Helena and Cyndi, I really enjoyed this visit as well. I think that Erin highlighted that technology isn’t all that difficult. I think that the most important aspect that I have learnt so far, is to attempt everything, if I make a mistake, then it is completely okay. I find trial and error the best way to embrace technology 🙂 Plus, in a classroom situation, the students will be more than happy to point out any errors that you make and will quickly correct you.

  3. Purple Alien Said:

    Well said Lexie! This course to me reflects what you have stated. There are so many new things I am being exposed to and having to do, even if I make a mistake! My biggest challenge is going to be the second assignment with this unit.

    Getting back to the students in class, you are also right there. Kids these days really want to help, especially if they know more than we do in technology. It gives them some ownership and they receive respect from us teachers and it fosters good relationships which in turn creates a happy learning environment. A win-win for all!

  4. Mark Said:

    I agree with you both that trying things out is the way to go – with new technologies, there’s no substitute for jumping in at the deep end and giving them a go. As you become familiar with a few technologies, it becomes easier to add more to your repertoire, but of course you can always draw on your students’ technical expertise as well. In fact, teachers (as the content and pedagogical experts) and students (who, some of the time at least, may be technical experts) can enter into a great learning partnership this way.

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